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Rick Cunningham's Background in Rod Making . . .

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"Rick Cunningham owns an astute sense of how to build rods that are extraordinary casting instruments."

             . . . Carmine Lisella

Rick's love of flyfishing and his experience as a shop teacher naturally evolved into the art of rodmaking.  The opportunity to learn the craft presented itself while fishing Yellowstone Park.  He found himself camped beside veteran rodmaker Peter Carboni from Boulder City, Nevada.  After visiting and fishing with Pete for several days, Carboni offered to teach Rick the basics of hand-planed rod making.  While working with Carboni, the primary emphasis was on exact tolerances and attention to detail.

Rick soon became acquainted with Douglas Duck of Ft. Worth, Texas, considered by many to be the best maker of Garrison replicas in the country.  A close friendship evolved as Douglas tutored him on the fine aspects of the Garrison rod.   They worked together very closely until Mr. Duck's death in the fall of 2001.

Rick feels fortunate in having two superior rod makers as mentors and friends who helped him develop skills required to produce a quality product.  He has sent flyrods to all areas of the U.S. and several foreign countries.  He is totally committed to making a rod that not only casts and fishes well, but is also elegant in design.

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